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Amazing Yoga Poses for Beginners

by Stonecold Aqsa
yoga poses for beginners

Yoga Poses for Beginners

For relaxing your mind and body, yoga is a wonderful activity to be practiced by anybody. Many mindfulness practioners recommend yoga to people belonging to all age groups because it enhances the energy of mind, body and soul on a deeper level.

The people who are at the beginning stage of yoga are not familiar with it that much so at first, they become anxious and try their best to not lose focus. But slowly and gradually they overcome all their anxiety and restlessness. Let us find out more about how beginners will get into the peaceful activity of yoga!

Sukhasana Pose:

Sukhasana Pose
Sukhasana is a well known pose of yoga used by beginners. It is also considered an easy sitting pose because you can adapt it quite easily without any difficulty.

  • For adapting sukhasana pose, stretch your legs out when you are sitting on the floor. It hardly matters if you’re using a pillow or cushion for sitting purpose.
  • Tug your left leg into the right thigh and your right leg into the left thigh.
  • Keep your hands on your knees and your spine straight while you are inhaling and exhaling, moving your head in yes or no manner.
  • If you’re having a hip injury or knee injury then avoid this yoga pose.

Anjali Mudra:

Anjali Mudra

  • If you’re suffering from anxiety and stress then anjali mudra is the ideal yoga pose for you. For adapting this yoga pose, keep your torso straight.
  • After that, join the palm of both your hands with each other without applying any sort of pressure.
  • Try your best to maintain a little distance between your palm’s middle parts.
  • Now slowly move forward your hand towards your chest in such a way that your thumb touches your chest.
  • You have to keep your elbow straight and then just relax your mind and inhale and exhale by closing your eyes. Anjali mudra is best for improving your focus of attention and connecting both the hemispheres of brain with each other.

Tadasana Pose:

Tadasana Pose

  • Beginners can use tadasana pose to improve their posture. Besides, this pose also helps to get prepared for other poses of yoga.
  • For adapting this pose, first you have to keep your shoulders straight when you are standing erect.
  • There afterwards, you have to inhale by raising your hands and placing your palms on head’s crown. It can be done by interlocking your fingers and then you can exhale.
  • After exhaling, you have to inhale again by raising the fingers that you have unlocked earlier at the above side of your head with the help of your palms facing towards the upwards side. It will bring your whole body on the toes.
  • Slowly exhale the body in upwards direction. The moment when you are lifting up your heels, feel that you are drawn in upward direction by stretching your body.
  • By slowly breathing, release the body that is under control and keep on looking at the same direction.
  • Now inhale and when you exhale, bring your heels back to ground stretching your arms backward and then release the yoga pose.
  • Relax for a while and then you can repeat this pose for a longer period.

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