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Weight Loss Reasons: Why Have I Lost Weight Without Trying?

by tnfabowriter
Weight loss

Weight loss sounds good if you are overweighted and trying to lose weight. Then, after struggling like dieting, exercising or yoga. Weight loss sounds like winning an award. But if you are not doing anything to lose weight. But still your body loss weight significantly than most probably it sounds horrible.  You should ask doctor help to look what’s going on inside your body.  General weight loss reasons can vary person to person as it can be because of your migration,  new job, seasonal or changing your diet. But if there’s no general weight loss reason then it can be because of medical or non-medical reasons. Like depression,  Addison’s disease or any other diseases.  Weight loss is common after the age of 65 and losing 5% weight over 6 month period should be worried.

Weight loss reasons:

In some specific condition like after pregnancy weight loss is fine. But if you don’t know the reason for your weight loss look at my listed reasons. These are the most common reasons.  For more justification concern your doctor.


Why have i lost WeightToday generation is living a robotic life. We are not close enough to our dear ones to discuss our problems. That causes so much depression on our poor souls. Depression can be because of different reasons like having a bad time in your educational institute, facing difficulties in study or results,  suffering others politics, difficulties in the job, bad relationships or environmental disturbance. Depression causes major weight loss.


Yes, diabetes can also lead to weight loss. So, never take weight loss light. You should check yourself health if sudden weight loss happens without reason.  When you have diabetes your body doesn’t make energy from blood sugar. You feel lazy and thirsty every time and pee more than usual. If you see any of such symptoms must do a diabetes test.

Know about Nutrition plan for better digestion

Poor nutrition:

Don’t ignore nutrition. It does not matter of eating its also matter how healthy you are eating. Your food nutrition should be up to the right quantity.  You might think about how you can care about nutrition food. You food nutations depend on your work routine and your body needs. Try to have healthy nutational meals.

See the list of Diet for weight loss and Make your diet better than this


If you are facing weight loss without any specific reasons and have symptoms like fever, skin changes, fatigue,
pain etc. Cancer grows harmful abnormal cells that increase burning of body fats and energy even at rest.

Over-active Thyroid (Hyperthyroidism ):

If Over-active thyroid or Hyperthyroidism, it will produce more thyroid hormone than the body needs. That burns body calories quickly hence it results as unexpected weight loss. Over-active thyroid other symptoms are sleep disturbance and often feeling hunger, hand tremors, abnormal heart rate, anxiety, fatigue or woman might face troubles in periods. Hyperthyroidism causes can be different like excessive use of iodine in food or taking thyroid medicine without considering its body needs.

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