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Lose Weight in One Month by Adding These Health Habits in Life

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Lose Weight in One Month

Everyone wants to look smart, thinner, fitter and attractive.  Most of the people try their best to shape their body. But they fail. The reason is that they don’t balance their diet with exercise, yoga or meditation. For weight loss, the essential part is a balance. There’s no wonder that If you balance your diet with physical and mental exercises than you can lose weight in one month. All you need is good habits related to diet and physical activities. The only exercising can’t make you thin unless you care about your diet.

You might wonder why we impose on weight loss. There are several scientific reasons which prove weight loss have many benefits. Like it saves from many diseases, makes the body more active, energetic and flexible. Over weighting causes different diseases some can be fatal diseases. If you want to instantly transform your body then follow these wonderful tips to look thinner, slimmer and better.

Lose weight in one month:

Drink Water:

We don’t drink enough water. So, our body starves for water. Therefore when we take water body saves excessive water in the body that causes fats in muscles. So, start your day with a glass of water. Research shows that drinking water in the morning is very beneficial for health. It helps to start your metabolism and remove toxins from your body. Water is a wonderful drink because it has no calories. Water also control hunger and refine your blood. You can drink 6 to 8 glass of water a day. In Hot season you can take water more glasses of water.

Cut off Sugar and Curbs

Most of us consume an unhealthy amount of sugar and carbohydrates such as cake, pizza, rice, and sweets. Sugar causes overweight. In order to make your body slim, it is important that you give up all these things.

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Eat Fiber

Fibre-rich foods are good for health. Fibre helps with digestion. So a fibre-rich diet may help you lose weight. You can get that from fruits and vegetables. Add fruits and vegetables to your diet and stay healthy.


Push-ups are the best exercise to burn calories. You don’t need any equipment. Just get on the floor with simple push-ups. You can do push-ups according to your convenience. Only do 20 minutes push-ups can also work well for weight loss. That activate body muscles. It is a tremendous exercise to burn fat, shape arms and legs in no time.

Walk and Run

No doubt Running helps your body to exhilarate energy level and moods in no time. But it also helps in the better digestion process and weight loss. Always walk 10 minutes after every meal. It is good for quick digestion and burns some calories. Running also helps to burn fat, calories and reduce stress. In fact, it helps more to lose weight. Daily running can make your body slim, beautiful, and attractive.

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