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The 5 minutes meditation that is easier than you think!

by Stonecold Aqsa
5 minutes meditation

In this quick paced world, you may find it very difficult to take time for yourself. You often face a lot of disturbances in your life that disrupts your peace within seconds. In this situation, the perfect cure to overcome these disturbances is to practice meditation.

Even though it is not necessary to meditate for a long time. A five minutes meditation can also proves to be effective in this regard. By practicing 5 minutes meditation, you can easily get rid of all sorts of stress triggers which can either be a deadline to meet at work or preparing yourself for a college presentation etc.

Benefits of Meditating for 5 minutes:

Meditating for 5 minutes is beneficial for you in the same way as you give yourself 5 minutes to go for a walk or to eat a healthy meal. Meditating for 5 minutes can also proves to be effective in other ways such as:

  • If you’re suffering from Generalized Anxiety Disorder or Social Anxiety Disorder, then meditating for just 5 minutes can help you to overcome the symptoms reducing your anxiety.
  • If you’re inclined towards substance abuse then giving your 5 minutes to meditation will surly help you out in this issue and you will get rid from such kind of addictions.
  • You can also boost up your self esteem with the help of meditation and your self confidence is also levelled up.
  • Meditation enhances your cognitive abilities and improves your focus also even if you just meditate for 5 minutes you can still get fruitful results from it.
  • Not only yourself but you can also help others to meditate because in this way you will uplift them and their low energy will be charged. So ask your friends or family members to meditate with you if you’re meditating alone. Company matters a lot and a good company will surely make you feel more pleasant at the same time, rest of the people will get more positive vibes from you and these vibes will reciprocate.

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How to meditate for 5 minutes:

For calming down your restless mind, all you have to do is to practice meditation for 5 minutes. In order to get peace and serenity, these 5 minutes really mean something!

  • To begin your 5 minutes meditation, find a comfortable and relaxing place to sit and use a pillow on which you can sit. Prefer to sit cross legged and in a relaxed posture. Free your mind from all the racing thoughts and just calm down for a while.
  • Use timer to set time for 5 minutes and then imagine that all the negative thoughts your mind is grabbing are eliminating themselves and taking place at the pillow beneath you. You have to face the weight of your whole body scan there as well.
  • Inhale the air and then slowly exhale making your lungs feel full at first and then empty.
  • Don’t burden your mind by over thinking about this physical sensation. Just try to make your wandering mind calm down without any judgmental feeling.

How To Do Meditation At Home : Meditation for Beginners

If and only if you can’t practice meditation daily due to your busy routine, then practice it on weekly basis like 3 times.

In this way as the time goes on, you will be able to give more time to meditation and you will feel more positive and fresh.

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