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Meditation for Weight Loss- Does it Control your Hunger Urges?

by Stonecold Aqsa
Meditation for Weight Loss

It may sound astounding that meditation can help you out to get rid form the habit of overeating and control your sudden urges to consume large amount of calories. Even though meditation makes you feel hungry but at the same time you will find it easier to reduce some weight if your colleagues are calling you fat or chubby.

It has been also proved that if you’re caught up with stress or depression, chances are that you will start eating unhealthy food. This is because you are having certain mood swings that drive your hunger motive towards eating junk food. In this regard, meditation will help you to control your hunger urges and makes it possible for you to reduce some pounds.

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Mindful Eating:

Meditation used for controlling your hunger urges is known as “Mindful Eating”. To practice it you have to just think about the food that you are eating in the present moment and don’t focus on the idea of consuming more food as it won’t help you in losing weight. If you find difficulty in getting rid from these kind of thoughts if they arise then first welcome your thoughts in your mind and then slowly and gradually throw them out from your mind by only focusing on the food you are consuming in the present moment.

By stretching your muscles while practicing this meditation, you can easily control your hunger urges and reduce weight becoming slim and smart.

Meditation for Slim

Tips for Trying out Mindful Eating:

Avoid Multitasking

You can’t scroll through your Instagram and focus on eating your meal at the same time. Mindful eating includes eating peacefully without any distractions and only focusing on your food that you are taking inside your body. So it is important to eat without distracting your mind to carry on other activities such as watching TV, using laptop or even playing a game on your phone. According to a study that is called “Psychological Science” it has been found that people who watch TV shows during eating their meal usually overeat quite easily as compared to those who eat their meals without distractions.

Think about your environment

Always eat at a comfortable place with not too many lights because bright lights and noise that can be even music is more likely to trigger your hunger urges making you crave for more food and influencing you to gain some extra pounds.

Don’t eat too fast

When you’re eating your meal, try to enjoy your meal rather than eating your meal too much faster. Take small bites and let your taste buds enjoy the meal. Eating with speed can decrease the chances of your weight loss plans to get successful. Because your hunger motive is quickly driven that can only make you fat. Risk of Type 2 diabetes also increases if you’re eating with speed.

Take 5 deep breaths

If you want to lose weight instead of gaining, it then try to take out 5 deep breaths before eating your meal. These 5 deep breaths will help you to control your hunger urges and you can easily eat in limits without worrying about gaining extra weight.

By following these tips, you can control your hunger urges and keep yourself slim. Smart without fearing embarrassment for being called fat.

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