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Meditation for kids – An antidote for your kid

by Stonecold Aqsa
Meditation for kids

Meditation for kids

In a fast-tech world of family, peer pressure and the sensory burdens, your kids needs meditation too just like elders to keep the human mind stress free. Meditation can be practiced by the kids at any place whether it’s their home or school, in order to give their anxious minds a break from stressful phases. Sometimes your kid may show hyperactive behavior or do not bother to listen to you. In this case, meditation leaves relaxing effects on your kid making them peaceful and well-behaving in society.

How meditation benefits your kid?

  • According to many doctors, kids who are the victims of ADHD ( Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) can get comfort from meditation as it reduces the ADHD symptoms.
  • Meditation leaves relaxing effects on the kids helping them to sleep peacefully.
  • Kids can easily control their negative emotions exchanging them with positive ones with the help of meditation.
  • With the relaxing effects of meditation, kids become empaths and also understand the importance of self-love. These positive core characteristics can also help them in the future to deal with various life obstacles when they will become adults.
  • Meditation also helps your kid improve his/her attention span. In this way, your kid will show remarkable performance at school by boosting up his/her grades.

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Meditation Techniques for Kids

With the help of physical gestures and mental schemas along with breathing skills, you can help your kid to meditate well. Some of the following techniques are mentioned below that will bring positive changes in your kid.

Lotus Flower Meditation:

Kids who are 3-7 years old can avail of relaxing effects from this technique. To start with this meditation technique, first, create an atmosphere with your kid in which his/her interest is developed to focus on the non-existent lotus flower. For creating this atmosphere, start with some fun activities that involve music and discuss that unreal lotus flower. After that, ask your kid to create a lotus mudra by joining his/her pinkie finger and thumb together. Soon afterward, let your kid imagine the smell of flower and then ask him/her about their feelings regarding that flower. This meditation can be continued by asking your kid about how they spend his/her day and what kind of emotions he/she encountered.

Classroom Meditation:

To leave relaxing effects on the kids before a class like mathematics start. Which tests their mental capabilities, Classroom meditation can also be practiced. For this meditation, kids can be asked to sit in a relaxed and comfortable posture, putting their hands on the table. Afterward, they can listen to a peaceful chorus with their eyes closed and also hum it if they want to hum.

By practicing this meditation, the performance of kids can be improved at school.

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Balloon Meditation:

This meditation involves filling air inside your stomach imagining how you fill air in the balloon. Count till 4 and then exhale the air from your nose just like you deflate a balloon. The balloon meditation can be done by both ways, sitting and standing.

Aside from the above-mentioned meditation techniques, you can also develop your kid’s interest in practicing meditation by offering them some of these books of their interest which depicts the daily hassles from a child’s point of view with fictional characters. The books are:

  • Franklin and the Thunderstorm by Paulette Bourgeouis
  • Wemberly Worried by Kevin Henkes
  • Mindful Monkey Happy Panda by Lauren Alderfer

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