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How meditation changes the brain – The Undeniable Link between Mind and Meditation

by Stonecold Aqsa
How meditation changes the brain

Most of the people spend time with their brains. Sometimes the thoughts which they have in their brain are full of negativity while sometimes they think about the positive aspects of their surroundings.

Meditation is perfect for your mind as it can profoundly offer a lot of benefits keeping your restless and anxious mind into a calm and peaceful state.

How meditation changes the brain?

Some changes take place in various parts of your brain by practicing meditation. Let’s find out more about those parts:

  • Left Hippocampus- This part of brain is responsible for all the learning processes. Your cognitive abilities and emotions are regulated here. A research confirms that through meditation. The cortical thickness of this part of brain grows in volume by practicing meditation . The gray matter of hippocampus also increases enhancing all your cognitive and emotional capabilities.
  • Amygdala- Amygdala is that almond like part of brain that is responsible for your emotional responses usually in situations of fight or flight. Meditation shrinks amygdala so that you can become emotionally stronger in all stress provoking situations.
  • Posterior Cingulate- Posterior cingulate is that part of brain. It is associated with those wandering thoughts in your mind which goes on and off. The larger the posterior cingulate, the less the mind will wander. Meditation increases the density of posterior cingulate making it stronger to perform all the mental processes accurately.
  • Temporal Parietal Junction (TPJ)- This part of brain highlights the goodness that resides inside you. Meditation enhances empathy and compassion so that you can develop a positive attitude. By practicing meditation, Temporal Parietal Junction can be activated. You become more empathetic and compassionate towards others.

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How meditation effect the brain?

You should give meditation a try as it is a power pack for your brain. Leaves positive effects on your brain making it peaceful so that you can survive in this stressful world. Following are some of the most peace attributing effects of meditation on your brain which will leave you in a constant state of contentment:

  • Meditation makes it easier for you to consolidate valuable information and helps you to memorize things effectively.
  • For performing various tasks. Focus is required and to improve your focusing abilities. You should practice meditation atleast once a day. Sufi Meditation and Transcendental Meditation are effective in this regard.
  • Meditation reduces the thickness of brain tissues. It is linked with stress and depression.
  • Your EQ and IQ level both improves with the help of practicing meditation.
  • Meditation enhances your decision making abilities especially when you are about to make a bad decision. You can easily manage your time and perform all your tasks in the to do list without getting stressful by practicing meditation.

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Apart from mind, meditation also got some magical benefits related to your health such as:

  • Meditation pumps up your self control capabilities. This proves to be very effective when you are trying to get rid from a bad habit of yours such as smoking.
  • By practicing transcendental mindfulness meditation. The risk of heart attack can be reduced improving your overall cardiovascular health as well.
  • Meditation also improves your verbal fluency.

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