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Are you familiar with Meditation for Pain and Abundance?

by Stonecold Aqsa
Meditation for Pain

Meditation is a magical wand for everybody when it’s about the peace of mind, body and soul. You may have heard about many of the types of meditation but are you familiar with the phenomenon of meditation associated with pain and abundance?

If not then let us dig together some information about them!

Meditation for Pain

Pain alone is more harmful than diabetes, heart attack and cancer combined. You may have heard about meditation and it’s a lot of relieving benefits but do you know that meditation is the best cure for pain also?

This pain can be linked with any mental health issue and its symptoms for example; the pain caused by depression or stress.

Meditation is the ancient practice that will help you out to release endorphins which are natural antidotes to combat with your pain. Moreover by practicing meditation, you can easily control your emotional reactions which hit you hard when you are feeling pain in your body. It becomes easier to feel sensations through meditation rather than labelling them good or bad. In this way, you become emotionally strong because of this ancient practice.

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How meditation helps for pain relief?

According to Moore Chapman a meditation psychotherapist, the following steps are useful for a pain relieving experience:

  • Focus on the pain- Only focus on the point from where your pain is coming from, how you feel about it and how your body is preparing itself to pain etc.
  • Stay present- Keep your mind to stay in the present moment and exclude all the thoughts about the past. Focus on inhaling and exhaling air and do deep breathing. Feel your body connected with the place where you are sitting or standing for rest.
  • Experience the pain- Forget the ifs and buts and only experience pain for the first time excluding the other thoughts and just feel the sensations keeping your mind in the present moment.
  • Make it a habit- It doesn’t matter which type of meditation you’re practicing. Just try to practice it daily because in this way you will be able to fight back with your pain. Naturally with the help of meditation.


Meditation for Abundance

Meditation is always associated with spirituality as this ancient practice is a source of peace for your mind, body and soul. It is for abundance enhances the sense of your well being by opening up new possibilities. Creating an aura of love and prosperity in your life.

For gaining self mastery on a spiritual level, you should practice meditation to manifest the abundance that you desire. For this purpose, follow the steps given below which will directly lead you towards your goals;

  • You must guide your mind to think about attracting the abundances by leaving all the negative thoughts behind.
  • Imagine a peaceful scene in which you are happy enough without any worries.
  • Try deep breathing without any pressure.
  • Just focus on inhaling and exhaling through meditation and try to carry it on without stopping.
  • Think that every time you’re breathing, you’re just throwing out all your problems from your body.

By practicing both these types of meditation. You can feel yourself in a world of happiness and contentment without any sort of pain for sure on a spiritual level

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