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A Complete Ketogenic Diet Food List

by momna
Ketogenic Diet Food List

The ketogenic diet is very popular these days among people who want to lose weight fast. Several studies have found that the ketogenic diet is the high-fat, low-carb diet for quick weight loss, epilepsy, and diabetes. A ketogenic diet limits your carbohydrates to 30-50 grams per day. This is very challenging, but there are lots of nutritious foods that can fit into the ketogenic diet food list.

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So here is the ketogenic diet food list to eat when you are on the ketogenic diet.

A Complete Ketogenic Diet Food List

Low-Carb Vegetables

The non-starchy vegetables usually contain low carbs, but the nutrients value is high. Furthermore, Low-Carb vegetables contain several minerals, and vitamin C. Plants and vegetables contain fiber, that is no-digestible and absorbs like many other carbs.

Poultry and Meat

Fresh meat and poultry are rich in several minerals and vitamin B and contain no carbs. The grass-fed meat is a very healthy choice for the ketogenic diet food list.


Various types of seafood are free of carbs or contain a very low amount of carbs. Shellfish and fish are very good sources of minerals, vitamins, and omega-3s.

The carb counts for a 100-gram serving of popular types of shellfish is below:

  • Oyster: 4 gram
  • Mussels:7 grams
  • Clams: 5 grams
  • Octopus: 4 gram
  • Squid: 3 gram

Must aim to eat 2 servings of seafood weekly.


Cheese is very rich calcium, protein, and beneficial fatty acid; it also contains a low amount of carbs. Eating cheese regularly may aid you to reduce muscle mass.


Avocados contain two grams of net carb per serving. However, avocados are very rich in fiber and many nutrients, such as potassium. Additionally, it is good for heart health.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is very rich in the MCTs, which can increase ketone production. Additionally, it also increases the metabolic rate and aids you in belly fat loss.


Eggs contain very low carb and let you feel full for many hours. Egg contains 1 gram of carbs.  Moreover, eggs have several types of nutrients that may help you in protecting the heart and eye health.

Cottage Cheese and Plain Greek Yogurt

Both cottage cheese and plain Greek yogurt contain 4-5 grams of the carb per serving. However, many studies show that both will help you promote fullness and reduce the appetite.

Seeds and Nuts

Seeds and nuts are very healthy for the heart. Both contain high fiber and lead you towards healthier aging. So they will give you 0-9 grams of net carbs per ounces.

Here is the carb count for one ounce of popular seeds and nuts:

  • Brazil Nuts: Net carb 1 gram (total carb 3 grams)
  • Almond: Net carb 3 gram (total carb 6 grams)
  • Pecans: Net carb 1 gram (total carbs 4 grams)
  • Cashews: Net carb 8 gram (total carbs 9 grams)
  • Pistachios: Net carb 5 gram (total carbs 8 grams)
  • Chia seeds: Net carb 1 gram (total carbs 12 grams)

This list will help you check the carb count for nuts and seeds.


Olives are very rich in antioxidants that will help you protect the bones and heart. However, olives contain 1-grams of net carb per ounce.

Final Verdict

The ketogenic diet is used to achieve rapid weight loss. However, it can also help to control blood sugar levels and many other health goals. Fortunately, a ketogenic diet can include many varieties of nutritious, versatile and tasty foods that help you remain within the carb range daily. So if you want to reap all health benefits of a ketogenic diet must consume, these 10 ketogenic foods and add to your ketogenic diet food list.

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