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Everything you need to know about CoronaVirus!

by Stonecold Aqsa

A plague like corona virus that has been spread worldwide is worth talking. Though this virus was first identified in 1960’s but the fact is still unknown that from where exactly it came from. The nose, sinus and upper throat can very easily be affected by this virus and it is very necessary to follow safety precautions in order to keep yourself safe from this horrific disease that has captured the whole world in a very few time.

How exactly the coronavirus is transmitted?

According to some of the experts, it has been believed that an animal was actually responsible for spreading the virus among humans at a market in Wuhan where fishes, animals and birds were sold. Later on, the market was shut down and no more investigation was done to find out which exact animal was responsible for the disease. A view point was held that bats can be the reason behind this worldwide virus as they can coexist many viruses all at once. So most probably bats transferred the virus to pangolins which are considered to be a delicacy in China and the pangolins later transferred the virus to humans.

Small respiratory droplets are produced by the people who talk, breathe, cough or even sneeze. In this way, the virus is travelled through the air. When these droplets fell on the ground they come into contact with people who are close to the infected ones and the virus is spread among them.

Scientists are not sure that until when the virus will exist among people but at least they reached the conclusion that in humid and hot environment, the spread of it will slow down. However the virus can spread in other ways as well such as coming in contact with an object that has been infected and then touching your nose, mouth and eyes.

If we talk about the animal corona viruses then feline corona virus (FCoV) can spread quickly if contact has been made with faeces. But still there is no surety that the same goes well with human corona viruses.

To avoid the transmission, people should stay at home especially when symptoms of the virus are active. Any sort of close contact with other individuals should be avoided as much as possible. It is better to cover your mouth with a tissue or handkerchief if u sneeze or cough so that transmission of virus does not take place. After using the tissues, make sure that you dispose them off so that hygiene can be maintained.

Although, corona Virus spread like cold viruses and if we talk about the most dangerous ones then the viruses leading towards Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) can leave harmful effects on your health.

What is Middle East Respiratory Syndrome? (MERS)

Also known as camel flu, this is a viral infection related to respiration that is caused by the MERS corona virus with symptoms such as shortness of breath, fever and cough. These symptoms can range from mild to severe. This infection is mostly severe among those people who are suffering from other health issues.

Pregnancy and CoronaVirus

If we talk about severity then MERS corona viruses are considered to be harmful for pregnant women. According to a 2014 study, a woman who was infected by MERS gave birth to a still born. Though nine women took part in a study conducted at Wuhan, China that confirmed that the virus does not leave its traces in the breast milk or amniotic fluid of these women. But still pregnant women should follow safety precautions before they breast feed their babies such as they can wear masks or wash their hands when they are about to touch their babies if they are affected by the corona virus.

However it is not necessary that if moms to be are tested positive then the virus will be transferred to their babies and a study proved this point that was conducted at Wuhan where four women were tested positive for the virus out of which just three women gave consent so that their babies can be tested as well and shockingly all the three babies showed negative results.

Role of Hand Sanitizers and Masks

Hand sanitizers and masks play a vital role in fighting back with the corona virus. Hand sanitizers usually come up with microbe killing capabilities because of the alcohol present in them that works well for keeping you safe from getting infected by the universal virus. Along with the hand sanitizers regular hand washing for at least 20 seconds should also be given preference so the maximum numbers of germs are killed that lead towards the disease.
If we talk about the masks then the droplets released from the mouth of infected individuals are transferred to others through air and in order to put a full stop to this process, masks are essential. Wearing masks all the time is not necessary, you can wear it if you fear that somebody infected is around the corner. Shortage of masks can be visibly seen these days but health professionals should definitely have more masks because they are coming in direct contact with the infected individuals.

The bacteria and virus can grow faster if cloth masks are used because these masks will trap moisture. Even if you prefer to wear a surgical mask, make sure that it fits well on your nose and mouth.

Quick Tips for CoronaVirus

  • If you are travelling, prefer taking the window seat but don’t budge
  • Whenever you cough or sneeze, cover your mouth and if tissues are used then immediately dispose them off
  • Avoid handshakes and hugs for a period of time
  • Avoid crowded places as much as possible such as shopping malls, movie theatres and public transportation etc
  • Disinfect the surfaces on a regular basis which may include door knobs, light switches and counter tops. In this way, there are very few chances of the virus taking place.

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