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Do You Know about Acne Vulgaris ICD 10?

by Stonecold Aqsa
Acne Vulgaris ICD 10

Acne Vulgaris ICD 10

In medical terms, when pimples and black heads exist they create an inflammatory condition known as “Acne Vulgaris” that is typically known as acne. Acne vulgaris usually takes place when the sebaceous glands overreacts and makes the skin oily. This inflamed reaction causes acne that hits both girls and boys when they reach puberty. Sometimes the person suffering from acne issues scar the skin or even face emotional distress. Though acne leaves profound effects on its victims but still it can be treated.

Symptomsof Acne Vulgaris

AcneAcne can occur on any of your body part whether it’s your arm, leg, cheeks, neck or knee etc. It has various symptoms ranging from mild to severe. In mild cases, you will only get blackheads and whiteheads less than 20. Pimples will also appear on your skin.

When you’re having moderate acne you will have a lot of whiteheads, pimples and blackheads. But if severe acne occurs on your skin then it means that the situation is going to be worse because severe acne comes up with cysts or nodules that lead towards unbearable pain. It is important to get proper treatment for moderate and severe acne because scarring can also take place if treatment is not done properly and on time.

Factors affecting Acne Vulgaris (ICD 10)


At the time of puberty, androgens which are hormones are increased in both boys and girls. The increase of androgens gives rise to sebaceous glands to enlarge and produce more sebum. Similarly, at the time pregnancy acne also worsens because of the hormonal changes in women as oral contraceptives are also being used at that time which increases the production of sebum leading towards acne vulgaris. It has been also noted that when not enough amount of androgens are circulated in the body of women, acne starts causing trouble.


Drugs or medications which may include corticosteroids or testosterone can worsen the acne so it’s better to avoid such medications and drugs.

Food Intake

According to some studies, if you will eat fries, chocolates or bagels etc along with other rich in carbohydrate food then your acne can get worse. If your doctor has also recommended you to follow some dietary restrictions then make sure that you avoid all such foods which lead towards acne vulgaris.

Stress and Depression

It is very obvious that when we are taking stress and are affected by depression, our body also suffers. In the same way, acne also worsens during stressful and depressing moments so it’s better to keep yourself relax and calm rather than taking depression or stress.

Treatment of Acne Vulgaris


Retinoid comes in the form of gels and creams. It can be used three times a week in the evening or as recommended by your doctor for better results.


These can be used when you are having moderate to severe acne so for fighting back with bacteria and inflammation which comes with acne vulgaris, antibiotics are best.


It can be used by adult females in case of severe acne two times a day but side effects are also included such as dryness and redness.

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