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Mindful eating during the holidays


This is possibly the most honest and accurate answer I can give to the very question of how to Mindful eating during the holidays. Initially, my intention was to administer some actual nutritionary tips to deflect excessive consumption throughout your gay meals. But as I started outlining the details to this script, I just kept thinking to myself… man… this sucks, and it just didn’t seem like good, genuine, and, more importantly, realistic advice. The holidays are the holidays man. One time of the year wherever we are able to relax, take our minds off stress from work, relationships, and even ourselves, and simply relish our time with those we tend to love. Why then produce a lot of stress by attempting to good intake habits at an instant wherever perfection is that the very last thing on our minds.

I know for sure I’m not gonna be anywhere near perfect so who am I to tell you otherwise. Instead, the best public service announcement is to simply acknowledge that this holiday season and every holiday season, you will be indulging yourself a bit more than your dieting program might deem acceptable. And… that’s okay.

Fitness is not a single act

Don’t guilt-trip yourself for taking another slice of turkey or avocado toast, whatever you like, and just appreciate it. Don’t worry, your fitness program will be waiting for you when you get back. And always remember, fitness is not a single act. You’re in this for the long haul. One time of the year to enjoy yourself is only a very small arc, a filler at best, of your entire fitness storyline.

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Now, I don’t wanna leave you completely without maybe some tips. If you can, try ta pay attention to the amount you’re eating and cut back when possible. It doesn’t have to be concrete, more so just rely on your intuition and your body’s signals. Ya know, the simple stuff. Again, if you can, as I always like to profess, reach for proteins first.

Why Protein

With protein’s amazing satiety effects, getting protein first might help curb hunger levels which reduces total calorie intake. Also, protein requires more calories to digest, which again can help in managing your weight. Other than that, the basic stuff applies: choose mostly whole food options, vegetables, more water, exercise beforehand, and give yourself and your belly a good night’s rest.

Again, please don’t beat yourself up for enjoying yourself. You will be back heading in the right direction in no time. and that i do wanna take an instant out of this season to be glad.Thank you to you, for reading, commenting, criticising even, and just enjoying my content. Without you and everyone reading, I wouldn’t be able to do what I love, which has been about fitness since I was 11 years old.

Never in my wildest dreams did i believe i might be creating silly drawings on totally different topics of fitness for a living. And I’m glad I’m able to share this with you and I appreciate you sharing some of your own time with me. Have a wonderful holiday, thank you for reading, and GET YOUR PROTEIN.

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