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10 Incredible Health Benefits of Green Tea

by tnfabowriter
Green Tea

 You might wonder about Green tea health benefits and its effect on the human body. As it’s available in different tasty flavours but is it healthy as well? Yes, absolutely its healthiest beverage. As there are many health benefits of green tea. It has powerful effects on the body. Like fat loss, a lower risk of cancer improved brain function and many other impressive benefits.

1.Green tea and cancer prevention:

Green tea has effects on cancer cells. Its suppressing and inhibit cancer cells growth.  Green tea has antioxidants that prevent oxidative damage. Hence it prevents the human body from cancer as cancer is caused by oxidative damage. Its gives positive results related to these types of cancers breast colorectal (bowel), skin, prostate, lung,  stomach, ovarian, bladder and throat.

2.Green tea Reduces Heart Disease:

Green tea improves LDL cholesterol, total cholesterol and triglycerides that are the main causes of cardiovascular diseases. Like a stroke, blood vessel diseases, lump heart disease etc. Because of green tea blood, antioxidant capacity increased so it helps LDL particles from oxidation.

Knowing your blood pressure is as important as keeping yourself healthy. Read about Normal Blood Pressure with ages.

3.Green tea boosts your brain:

Green tea has ingredients that dramatically improve cognitive functions. Especially related to memory.

It can be used as the treatment of dementia that’s psychiatric disorders.

4.Mood changer:

Green tea also helps to change mood effectively. Amino acid L-theanine that is present in green tea, gives effects of anti-anxiety. Its effects on dopamine chemical as well that helps in brain functioning of moods. It deploys alpha waves. So, green tea helps a lot in changing the mood to positive, happy, relax, eliminate or reduce stress etc.

5.Live Longer:

It decreases the chances of many fatal diseases like heart disease, cancer and many more. Keep you calm and positive. Particular studies show green tea regular users have 76% fewer chances of dying by diseases.

6. Green Tea Hydrate body:

It’s a consumption that caffeine dehydrates the body. The volume of water that we include in tea making reduces the effect of dehydration that comes from the green tea tree.

7.Green Tea Burn Fat:

Many people use it during dieting plan because of its fats burning feature. It boosts metabolism as well. Its keep body fats in balance, reduce fats and protect the body from overweight.

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8.Boost Your Physical Performance:

Green tea has an appropriate amount of caffeine and such ingredients that rise exercise endurance and reduces reaction time. It keeps body active and underweight. So, eventually, it boosts physical performance.

9.Dental Health:

Green Tea contains Catechins that constrain streptococcus mutans growth. Streptococcus mutans are bacteria that are harmful to our dental health. That can consequently, cause several dental health issues like plaque formation, growth of cavities or tooth decay.

10.Improve skin health:

Green anti-inflammatory features work as constrain from environmental harmful stressors. It keeps skin looking young by reducing and prevent wrinkles and other signs of ageing as it has antioxidants. It is also helpful in reduces redness and irritations.

Polyphenols like EGCG, it supports skin cells and cellular DNA against sun’s rays. Consequently, drinking Green tea regularly work as supplemental protection.

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