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7 Health and Nutrition Benefits of Pears

by tnfabowriter
Benefits of Pears

There are some fruits that add up value to your healthy eating and long-living. Pear is one of them. It’s high in nutrients.  There are several pear benefits for health, skin and hairs.  It helps to improve heart health, prevent cancer, regulate blood pressure, reduced risk of colitis, weight loss and many more. If you take  100 g pear, it will contain carbohydrates
(15.23 g), dietary fibre (3.1 g), protein (0.36 g), magnesium 7 mg, vitamin C (4.3 mg), and several other beneficial nutrients. That helps and improve body functions. It also prevents from different diseases.

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Health Benefits of Pears:

1.Boost heart health

Daily intake of pears prevents heart diseases as well as it improves heart health. Pears is rich sources of fibre, procyanidin antioxidants which maintain and lower bad the cholesterol level in the body, decrease tension in heart vessels,  increases good cholesterol. It also improves blood pressure that’s good for heart health. It prevents strokes.

2. Pears for Losing weight

Per 100 gm pear contains  3.1 g fibre,  0.14 g  fats and 84 g water.  It has low calories. Using pear daily can helps you with weight loss. Even if you are not doing any other changes to your diet. Only adding pear to your eating can help to weight loss because of its nutrients. If you add it to your diet plan it will work as a catalyst and speed up your weight loss.

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3. Pear lower risk of diabetes

Pear prevents diabetes and also have anti-inflammatory effects.  As discussed above it contains fibre that makes us feel full for a long period. You don’t eat much so your body has more time to absorb crabs.  Red pear decreases the risk of diabetes as it controls the blood sugar level and helps indigestion.

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4. Pear Prevent from Cancer

Pear is a rich source of anthocyanin, antioxidants, fibres, and cinnamic acid. That helps to prevent different cancers like bladder cancer, lung or stomach cancer.

5. Boost Immunity

If you get sick easily, intake pear on a regular base and it will boost your immunity to a noticeable level. As pear contains a rich amount of vitamin C and copper. Both are antioxidants that will help your body’s immune system to fight against minor sickness like getting cold or flue.

6. Pear Improves Digestion:

Pear contains a good amount of water and fibers. It’s also low in calories and fats. So when you eat tasty pear it will not only make you feel full for a long period but also give your body more time for digestion. It helps to break carbs and also helps in absorbing carbs properly.

7. Pears Skin Benefits:

Pears have dietary fibres that prevent skin from damage and make it look smoother and flawless.  Pear has several antioxidants that prevent ageing marks on skins means wrinkles. You can also use its pulp for skin mask. It will treat oily skin very well and prevent acne and its marks as well. It is also good for dry skin and for lips. Ladies use it as a scrub as well.

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