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Fitness When Pregnant

by tnfabowriter

It’s a general misconception that doing exercise during pregnancy can cause miscarriage. Doctors recommend that a pregnant woman should more concern about pre- and post-workout food as well. Fitness when pregnant plays an essential role. If you were not doing exercise regularly that’s completely fine you can start exercising during pregnancy. As it’d reduces common symptoms of pregnancy, make your body fit and ready for birth.

Doctors recommend that you should do exercise at least 30 mints throughout the day. Exercise don’t harm your baby or yourself but during pregnancy, you have to be more conscious. Don’t overdo it. There are some exercises you should not try during pregnancy like lying flat on your back, Advanced abdominal moves, Hot yoga, bouncy stretching, Holding your breath, jerky motions or Motionless standing.

You might wonder why you need to focus on Health. Get your motivations about Why Is Fitness Important? 

Benefits of Fitness When Pregnant:

Exercise is good for you and your baby as well. Like for you, it

  • Reduces constipation, backaches, bloating,  and swelling.
  • Prevents gestational diabetes (diabetes during pregnancy)
  • Manage and improve your mood swings
  • Improve posture
  • Improve body energy level (overcome laziness)
  • Improve sleep cycle
  • Strengthen the muscles
  • Get ready body for birth

Exercising during pregnancy makes baby smart. There are some benefits for baby health like

  • Better Heart Health
  • Less Body Fat
  • Active baby
  • Improves blood flow
  • Smart brain

Exercises that are good During Pregnancy:

1. Swimming:

Swimming is one of the most appreciated exercises during pregnancy because of body weightless underwater. And also your joints feel stressless. You could feel more agile underwater.

2. Yoga:

You can try a prenatal class. Yoga will give you relaxation during pregnancy, reduces discomfort and helps to give a smooth birth process. It also helps in shortening the pregnancy duration.

3. Indoor Cycling:

Indoor cycling is a good option as you don’t need to put pressure on pedal instead of your knee joints or ankle. But make sure some points like your instructor knows that you are pregnant, stay upright by adjusting handlebars and don’t lean forward.

4. Brisk Walking:

Walking helps in mood, release stress, strengthen your muscles, increases blood flow in the body. As your body adopt the habit of walking, muscles will get stronger and your walking speed will be more than before.

5. Weight lifting:

During pregnancy, you can lift weight to strengthen your muscles. But you have to do some cares like lif lower weight than usual, limit your motion range, don’t do isometric movements, keep breathing properly, do multiple repetitions with light weights, must stretch your body after weight lifting.

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6. Running:

If your body is habitual of running then you don’t need to stop practising it after pregnancy. But don’t go too far. It prevents (gestational ) diabetes, increases blood flow and energy level. Keep body safe from overweight. But if you are not already habitual of running then don’t start it during pregnancy that can be harmful to baby health.

7. Zumba dance:

During pregnancy ladies experience discomfort. It’s because of physical changes and hormonal changes.  Zumba dance helps to reduce discomfort level, improve heart health, blood flow, body flexibility and boost energy level.

Taking green Tea can also helpful Read Green Tea health benefits.


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