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5 Easy Daily health and fitness tips

by tnfabowriter
Health and Fitness

Health and fitness are major concern areas to live long, active and happy life.  There are some daily health and fitness tips that you can easily follow during your busy schedule. Health is not only about food or physical activity. Its matter of both and how you balance it according to your body needs. Being healthy increases work productivity as well as strengthen relationships. We can concentrate more and can make thoughtful decisions. So, always separates some time to monitor your health.

Daily health and fitness tips:

1. Exercise Daily:

There should be no excuse for exercise. You can devote as much time as you have. It can be one hour or less or more. Just try to practise it regularly and then with time increase your exercise time limit and push yourself harder. You can choose any specific exercises (belly fat lose, posture corrector etc) or can do a full-body workout. Its all up to you, your priorities and your body needs. Daily exercises will boost your energy, make your body flexible, reduces several kinds of diseases, increases heart rate and blood flow, boost mental and physical strength.

2. Eat healthy food and eat well:

Not only do physical activities can make you healthy. You can’t ignore the significant effects of eating healthy food.  Our body needs a specific amount of nutrients, minerals, vitamins etc per day. It varies from the body to body needs and according to the work they do. Never miss the most important meal of the day like take healthy breakfast.

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3. Monitor your Sleeping schedule:

There are many functions that are done during our sleep time like it restore damaged muscles, metabolism, blood vessel ( healing or growth), healing wound faster, release some hormones according to body needs. So never skip your night sleep. You might have a question that How many hours you should sleep? Well, researches show that every person needs are different but on average we should take 6 to 8 hour night sleep regularly. It recharges our body for next days tasks.

4. Hydrate for best health:

Most people are habitual of taking cold drinks or different kind of beverages. Especially while having a meal and also throughout the day. These kinds of beverages are mostly overloaded with sugar, fats or cream. Try to alter your drinks habits to water. It boosts skin health and beauty, regulates body temperature, helps maintain blood pressure, prevents kidney damage, Weight loss, reduces the chance of a hangover and many more. So, must take in the morning when you get up, during meals and throughout the day. Make a habit of taking 8 glass water daily.

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5. Sit less, move more:

Ask yourself a question. How much you sit a day? Mostly it depends on our habits and work situations etc. But conscious. Sitting a lot can cause many issues like stroke, slower metabolism, high cholesterol, high BP, back and spine injuries, Chronic Pain, depression, compromised posture and many more. So don’t sit too long. Move your body moreover. Even it may reason for your early death. So, don’t compromise your healthy life over sitting for long periods. Site for some time then moves around.

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